Click on these links to download tools designed for group facilitators of campaigners and activists interested in building greater connections with the people they are campaigning for. These tools should be used in conjunction with our ‘Inspiring Action’ – Guide for practitioners, that we created with Oxfam and the WI.

• Become aware of the range of connections you have with these connections map and template tools

• Uncover your personal experiences with this parallel stories tool

• Find the similarities between your hopes and dreams and those you are campaigning for with this hopes and ambitions tool

• Identify some easy actions to get more connected in your every day life with this four a day tool

• Discover the stories that might engage the public more powerfully with this story telling circle tool

• Learn to surface your own feelings in a more engaging way when campaigning with this what it means to me tool

• Discover the power of the individual in action with this starting with me tool

• Get prepared to handle objections and questions with this complacency cards tool