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We want everyone to be involved in the Everyone Foundation and its vision and to believe in the inherent goodness of humanity and to act towards its positive future.

Our collaborations have included work with Oxfam, WI, DfID, Comic Relief, WWF, VSO, Arts Council England, The House of St Barnabas, Museum of London, Sport England and Join in UK, Swindon City of Sanctuary, and the Compassion in Politics movement.

We seek to connect with more organisations who:  

  • Want to explore elements of connectedness and our common humanity in their own organisations
  • Have a project that they would like to collaborate with us on
  • Have specific challenges or issues with which our philosophy and methodologies might help
  • Have a need to understand the extent to which these issues might be affecting their ability to have an impact and want some consultancy or evaluation work
  • Are embarking on studies of common humanity, human connectedness and motivation to feel and act on empathy with others.

We are also looking for individuals who:  

  • Have specific knowledge, experience and research in these areas that will help us develop our work
  • Feel excited or inspired by the work we are doing and would like to know more
  • Would like to extend our work and vision in their country, sector or area of interest.

If you are interested in working with us then please contact us.

Our work is largely conducted by volunteers, and we use donations to The Everyone Foundation to fund project work with groups and communities – if you would like to become a one-time or a regular donor, or to be one of our fund-raisers, please contact us.  

Read about the humanitarian messages project for which we are crowd-funding on our  JustGiving page.