our projects


We have a range of current projects. Our favourite one at the moment is called The Good Fight Club, where we bring together Leaders to enable them to connect and help each other with the Good Fights they are fighting.

We are also thinking at the moment about the ways that the City of London welcomes people and the norms that have been established across the city. How could we shift the way we treat each other in the public realm? What would it take to create shifts in our communities, our transport and our public places…

Recent project

A recent project was called ‘Now the dust has settled’ and it was a project to learn the engagement lessons of the London Olympics.

The project was a multi-sector peer-led inquiry into – What lessons can we learn about public engagement from the 2012 Olympic games phenomenon?

We brought together Engagement Professionals from across the not-for profit sector and  created opportunities for them to share insights and explanations and then isolated questions that required further investigation and accessed key individuals to shine a light on practice, responses and lasting impact.

Essentially the project

  • brought the most experienced engagement professionals together to share insights and articulate the outstanding questions.
  • brought some of the architects of the games together with volunteers, participants and engaged members of the public to understand their triggers, motivations, experiences and impact.
  • created insights that could translate into practical changes in the ways we work.

Who was involved?

We are currently working with engagement leaders from the following organisations;

  • Arts Council England
  • Comic Relief
  • VSO
  • A New Direction
  • Oxfam
  • Sport England
  • CASS Business School – Centre for Charity Effectiveness
  • One Campaign
  • Join in UK
  • MyTime
  • Legacy Trust
  • GLA
  • Manchester University Centre for Research into Socio-Cultural Change
  • WWF
  • Gulbenkian Foundation
  • Common Cause
  • Graeae
  • The Audience Agency
  • Cass Business School, Centre for Charity Effectiveness
To find out more about the project, email r.watts@everyonefoundation.org or download this Everyone learning 2012 085 session invitation for more information