what we do

There are three main strands to our work at the everyone foundation;


We know that a great deal of knowledge already exists informing the areas of work we are interested in. Part of our exploration work is about collecting this knowledge through research and building relationships with organisations and experts in the areas of social psychology, identity, intergroup relations and influence. The other part of our exploration work is in the form of action research projects.

We have been working with school and community groups and building knowledge about how we identify with our common humanity, what gets in the way of this and how we can increase connection and empathy and reduce the impact of the distancing strategies we adopt. We do this work through a multidisciplinary approach and it combines partnerships, research and action research projects.

One of our current projects is The Good Fight Club – a project to bring together leaders in order that they can do more together… and help each other with the Good Fights they are fighting.


We know that many individuals and organizations are interested in the work we are doing, and a core part of our mission is to share that learning in the form of presentations, online tools and real world workshops.

We are also creating a community of likeminded people and organizations, working with campaigning organizations to help them engage people more effectively, encouraging policy makers to explore the role of motivation to create real social change.


People around the world are doing amazing things. We can all be moved and inspired by the impact that people are having to improve the world for everyone, and we want to celebrate these.