Hello. We are the everyone foundation.

We are committed to celebrating our common humanity – the wonder and extraordinariness that is being human.

While it’s often natural to draw out difference, division and disagreement, we will always look for what connects us, what brings us together, what unites us.

We believe that if we could feel more connected as human beings, we would make better decisions in our communities, in our country and internationally.

And our job at the everyone foundation is to help all of us to find that sense of unity.

We are a place for everyone. Inclusive, collaborative and ambitious for our common humanity.

And we know you are too.

Join us – we are a movement. 
For and with you; for and with humanity.

Help us learn together – we have a lab.
To learn the best ways for us all to connect and act with compassion.  To act as a global human community.

Develop your skills – we have an academy.
To support you, your community or your organisation to build stronger connections, act out your values and build a stronger, more united humanity.