what we are thinking about

There are intolerable things happening to our fellow human beings across the world as well as in our own streets and neighbourhoods. 

We access images and facts with immediacy and power – we know what goes on, and yet there is no parallel increase in action to resolve or improve the situation for people.

We all employ distancing strategies that allow us to sleep at night –  these create complacency and leave extreme inequality in society.

We are interested in understanding more about what these strategies are, and with social psychologists, anthropologists and other specialists in these fields we will research and develop ways that allow each of us to connect more actively with our fellow human beings.

We seek to solve and share the answers to fundamental questions:

  • How would the world be different if we had a stronger sense of our common humanity?
  • How would our decisions be different if we all felt a stronger bond with everyone on this planet?
  • What stops us from acting in the common interests of everyone?
  • How would conflicts be affected if we were better at noticing the ways we are the same, rather than the ways we are different?
  • What will it take for us to feel really that we are each one part of everyone?

As Desmond Tutu said: “This organisation has the potential to shift the way we see ourselves as human beings. Each of us, one part of everyone.”