Learning from 2012 series… People are ready to connect

One of the clearest lessons from a summer of sport is how keen people are to feel a meaningful connection with other people.

Interviews with athletes have moved us, the positive human story told again and again has connected with us with force and power. Time and again.

The role of volunteers, and the version of us that they present has also had a real impact, and people across London were quick to rise to the rapport and energy challenge that the volunteers laid down with their whoops, high fives and enthusiasm… each of us ripe to be engaged in a different way.

Over the coming weeks we will be exploring these lessons of 2012, looking for the underlying motivations and prompts that created shifts and thinking about how we might be able to use some of the same triggers to create similar social experiences in the months and years to come.

Some of the topics we’ll look at in the coming weeks;

    • The mechanics of Engagement – What does the opening ceremony tell us?
    • Being part of something – why did volunteers get involved and behave like that?
    • People on the street and feeling good – what were people celebrating during the athletes parade?
    • Responding to a different set of norms – Crowds high fiving and other phenomena of the games
    • Breaking down barriers – the way we see people with disabilities differently

People are ready and keen to feel a meaningful connection with each other. Everyday life doesn’t currently seem to create the environment for that to happen enough – so that we feel isolated, on guard and unwilling to engage with each other. At the Everyone Foundation we are interested in learning from these extraordinary times, so that we can enable extraordinary times to come…

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