“I’ve never experienced togetherness like it”

An inspirational film about the positives of human behaviour during the Corona virus pandemic has been shared around the world.

Using a core text from a social media influencer and powerful images of health care heroes and people sharing close family time, #WeRemember is a viral success among millions of people.

Leila Stead’s text imagines when the pandemic will be a distant memory, to be looked back upon as a time when people were stilled, were present in their lives; when there was a global rise in togetherness.

James Ogilvie from @thesocialco_

@leilastead – The Single Mum Diaries

The two-minute film was created by The Social Co which is a social media agency in County Durham, UK, and whose partners wished to generate something positive and hopeful just as shutdown and fear began to course across the planet.

James Ogilvie, director of The Social Co, said:

“We felt the world needing reminding that we are all human. 

The overall message is be kind to each other, help each other, help the NHS, everyone do their part.”

The feelgood film has been featured on TV and digital feeds around the world, winning praise and thanks, and James said his most connected response was from a mother who wanted to play the film to her Deaf daughter. 

“We did [subtitled] that straight away for her and that was probably the most rewarding thing I felt.”

James says the response to the film gives insight into how people feel a collective responsibility to care for each other and ‘do the right thing’, both socially and in business, during the pandemic. 

“I’ve never experienced togetherness like it, from organisations to personal – everybody is in it together, respectful of everyone’s position.”

Over to you: We are reading research on how crises and disasters can make people more pro-social, more collectively supportive, working for the greater good. Tell us your stories of compassionate acts, better decisions, connected humanity, and of instances you’ve noticed.